Christian Faith Center

We believe our church is devoted to building engaged, passionate and spiritually healthy people. We’re devoted to engaging with and impacting one another and the communities that surround us.  We believe that Jesus himself set an example of service, giving hope, love and grace; and that we’ve been given the responsibility to do the same.

We believe our church is a worshipping church that ushers in an environment of healing and consistent life transformation: A sound so unique and distinct that it merges heaven and earth.

We believe our church is committed to equip and train leaders, locally and abroad, to carry the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Representing one church, with different locations, reflecting His glorious Church, and making a global impact.

Our hope is that our church is a place where every man, woman and child walk through the doors and feels at home: A place where people representing all races, generations and nations feel a sense of belonging.

Our hope is to provide an environment of refuge and rescue, inspiring and nurturing the human spirit.  Building and providing homes for families and children in need and constructing a drug recovery facility that assists in the total rehabilitation of those struggling with addiction.

Our hope is to provide an environment where people from all walks of life can come, be strengthened and return to their various communities to give strength and courage to others.

Our hope is that we would constantly pioneer: A church that leads the charge in presenting a timeless message in excellence through media, music, film, art, and technology.  Having a global impact on society and culture.

Our hope is to build a world-class Bible college that raises and empowers next generation leaders anointed to bring about change across the globe.

Above all our hope is that we are a church that loves God and loves people.  A church focused on building strong relationships so that we might build strong communities.  Being generous at heart; and faith-filled in our confessions.

We believe our calling is to reach and disciple the lost.  Called to establish and develop relationships to do life together in community.  This is modeled perfectly through the relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; showing us that even God does not exist alone.

We believe our calling is to go into all the world and share the good news with others (Mark 16:15). Providing opportunities to participate in local outreaches and efforts. As well as being agents of change through global missions and initiatives.

Yes, we believe our calling is to be an oasis to those in need.  A beacon of light for those trapped in bondage and in darkness.  A place of hope, grace and love committed to bringing the truth of Christ to impossible situations.  Whose dependent on Jesus, led by the Holy Spirit and consumed with the Great Commission.

This is our church. Our hope. Our calling.